Coney Island Amusement Park Patents (click for details)

Here's a pic of the parachute drop at Coney Island in NY. The patent for this ride is one of dozens of amusement ride patents that we have been searching for in the past few weeks. Another interesting ride is the Wonder Wheel (Ferris Wheel). This ride is a combination Ferris Wheel/Roller Coaster that was patented in the early 1920's and is still in use today. Unfortunately the parachute drop is just a skeleton, but it stands as a monument of a bygone era. (I've never used that term before. My dad would be proud, but I now just feel old.) Another interesting patent from Coney Island is the Cyclone Roller Coaster. This was built in 1926 as part of Palisades Park. Though it isn't all that tall, or long, or fast, it is still one of the coolest coaster I have ever ridden.